This book, Amina’s Voice, is about a Muslim middle-schoolers life in present day America. Amina’s Voice is realistic fiction. It is not part of a series and is an easy read. Hena Kahn, the author of Amina’s Voice, is a Pakistani American who loves to write about her culture. The book has just been published so I cannot compare it yet. Amina’s Voice is written normally and is geared towards middle-schoolers. Amina is having friendship troubles and her local mosque gets vandalized. Will Amina be able to stay strong? Amina is the main character and there is no bad guy. Amina is interesting because she is so normal. Amina acts like a human and is one. My favorite character is Amina and I relate to her. Amina’s Voice is set in the present, it is set in the world as we know it, is set realistically, and the setting is very clear. I think other readers would enjoy this book very much. Amina’s Voice felt complete. Four Stars.