The Bear and the Nightingale is about a girl called Vasya who has a gift called the second sight. The Bear and the Nightingale is geared towards young adults. Vasya grows up as the daughter of a boyar with 4 other siblings. Vasya has a gift called the secondsight which means she can see the house spirits. Vasya’s siblings are Koyla, Sasha, Aloysha, and Irina. Vasya’s mother died after giving birth to Vasya. Vasya’s new stepmother has the second sight also. Vasya’s stepmother thinks that the house spirits are demons and wants to get rid of them. Vasya needs to stop her stepmother, avoid getting married, and avoid going to the convent. Vasya meets the winter king who helps her on her quest. I thought The Bear and the Nightingale was a good book. If you or your child does not like people dying or war this book is not for you. I do not like characters dying. Four Stars. Have a good day. -annaleeliz and Buttons