Beautiful Elegant Book

I Lived On Butterfly Hill is about a girl called Celeste who lives in Chile during the time of the Chilean dictatorship. I Lived On Butterfly Hill is geared towards young adults. Celeste is a Chilean girl who comes from a rich family. Celeste, a popular girl at her school, does not know how to react when the Chilean dictator takes over. When Celeste’s friends start to disappear, her parents tell her they need to hide.  Celeste also needs to go into hiding. Celeste goes to her Tia Gracelia in Maine. Sadly, Celeste does not know any English. Celeste needs to learn English, go to school, do chores, and wait. I thought I Lived On Butterfly Hill was a great book. I Lived On Butterfly Hill is historical fiction. Five Stars. I just got glasses today and I look good. Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons