Sweet Violent Book

Forge is about a boy called Curzon who has enlisted in the army and is currently in Valley Forge. Forge is the second book in the Seeds of America Trilogy. Chains being the first. Forge is geared for young adults. Curzon was supposed to be freed after his first enlistement expired but his master lied. He is in the Fourth New Hampshire Regiment. Curzon makes friends wherever he goes. Curzon has a crush on Isabel. Curzon and his friends need to learn how to survive Valley Forge. Surviving Valley Forge basically means not starving and building your own hut. Oh, and not getting frostbite during the winter. I thought Forge was a very good book. During Forge you meet some of the characters from the book Fever 1793 like Mattie, Mattie’s mother, and Mattie’s grandfather. Five Stars. Have a great day!! -annaleeliz and Buttons