Code Name Verity is about a girl called Verity who is kidnapped by the Nazis during World War II. Code Name Verity is for young adults. Verity is a happy-go-lucky English spy but when she gets captured she behaves differently. Maddie is a nice girl who cries at the sound of gunfire. In Code Name Verity the author splits the book in half; the first half of the book is from Verity’s point of view and the second half of the book is from Maddie’s point of view. Verity and Maddie are flying to France and plane gets shot down by antiaircraft guns. Verity doesn’t know what happened to Maddie and Maddie doesn’t know what happened to Verity. Code Name Verity is a great book. Once again I cried. Five Stars. Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons