This book review is dedicated to Book Princess of  Book Princess Reviews if you haven’t you should totally check out her blog. But now onto the book review. 

Frogkisser is about a princess who has the power to kiss transformed things and make them the way they were before, with the help of some magical lip balm. Frogkisser is for young adults. Princess Anya is kept under castle arrest because she wants to learn about the world. Princess Anya wants to be a sorcerer but she does not know the consequences. Princess Morven’s (Anya’s older sister) lover has been turned into a frog and Princess Anya has to go find the lost prince and turn him back. Anya is accompanied by a talking dog, a boy turned into a newt, a human enhanced otter, and a frog prince. Anya must go find the ingredients for the magical lip balm so she can kiss all of her transformed friends. I loved Frogkisser!!! Five Stars. -annaleeliz and Buttons