Fangirl is about a girl called Cath who just got college and has to learn how to make friends. Fangirl is for young adults. Cath is a Simon Snow fan (Simon Snow is like Harry Potter in Fangirl) and writes detailed, love story, fanfiction about it. Having a prettier, cooler, and more popular twin is not easy. It is especially hard when your twin doesn’t want to be roomates with you. In this whole Cath has a total of 2 true friends. Regan and Levi. A boy and a girl. With the 8th and last book coming out in the Simon Snow series coming out, Cath feels like she has to finish her fanfiction book. I thought that Fangirl was okay but it swore. A lot. The F-bomb is on pretty much every other page once you get to the middle. Whenever a book has more than 5 swears in it I take down a star. Three Stars. Thank you for reading!!! Have a great day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons