downloadThis book does have drug abuse in it.

“It is August of 1969, and fifteen-year-old Kady Palmer is dreaming of escape-she wants to be anywhere but her parents’ citrus grove in rural Florida. Kady is longing for a life without hr endless chores, the crazy ranting of her senile grandmother, her mothers constant nagging, and, most of all, without her neighbor, Rooster Rosado.

Rooster is thirteen, but was born “oxygen deprived,” a disability which causes him to behave like a small boy. And although everyone dotes on Rooster, it is Kady he loves more than anyone: following her wherever she goes, bringing her silly, useless gifts, and calling her Madrina, his dear godmother. Kady suspects she should feel flattered by Rooster’s blind devotion, but instead she feels trapped.

Then Kady gets involved with Jon, a senior in her high school who lives in the lavish subdivisions of the  other side of town. Jon’s money, his drugs, and the lies he encourages her to tell her parents look like a way to escape, and for a while, Kady thinks she’s finally free of Rooster and her crazy family.

But when a terrible accident happens and Rooster’s life hangs in the balance, Kady’s feelings toward her family change. 

Sparkling with humor and kindness, Rooster is a story about friendship, loyalty, family, and, most of all, resilience.” Taken from the book jacket of Rooster

Okay, Rooster is really sad, and also sweet. Bittersweet. Rooster is really nice especially when he is with his Madrina. Kady could have been portrayed better. I always wanted to more about Kady’s background and Rooster’s background. I was also not expecting the ending. It was like, okay, having fun. And than, BAM!! Rooster is hurt. The ending came on fast. Otherwise I thought that this book was okay. Rooster is very good. Three Stars. I will probably be upgrading to the Personal Plan soon so be prepared for some changes. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons