downloadCaitlin’s English teacher assigned her class to pick a country and write a letter to someone living there. Caitlin chooses the country of Zimbabwe. Because the class does not know who will receive their letter they have to address it as Hello. 

Martin knows that he is lucky to receive a letter at all. Only the smartest kids in the grade get a letter. Martin tells Caitlin about his life in Zimbabwe and his family, friends, and school.

Caitlin and Martin could not have known how they would both change each other’s lives. They help each other realize their dreams and how they can achieve those dreams. They could not have possibly known how much Caitlin would help Martin. Caitlin learns how lucky she is and Martin learns that it is okay to ask for help. This is a book about empowerment, helping others, realizing dreams, and making long-lasting friends.

I Will Always Write Back is an amazing book. Apparently it is also a true story. I Will Always Write Back shows that anyone can help someone. Without donating to an organization. If you have not read this book you totally should. Caitlin also has school problems and family problems. This is really human and I am glad to encounter a character(real or not) that actually has social problems along with the problem they are trying to solve. I think that the authors could have put more of the letters in the book. That is my only compliant about I Will Always Write Back. Four Stars. Do you have any book suggestions for me? Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons