downloadI dedicate this book review to the wonderful ladies at Little Blind Book Finds. If you have not followed them you should. I read their post on this book and chose to read it. Thank You!!!

Natasha and Daniel meet in a music store and fall in love. Natasha and her family are being deported today to Jamacia. Daniel is Korean American and is applying for college. These lucky two meet at a music store where they find Natasha’s exboyfriend’s girlfriend shoplifting and try to stop it. The pair then travels all New York asking each other questions and trying to stop Natasha from being deported. There were some other characters in the book like Irene, the security guard, Natasha’s parents, Natasha’s lawyer, and Daniel’s parents. All these  people played a special part in the book. Natasha and Daniel tried their best to stop Natasha’s deportation and to live their perfect life. They tried every possible way. But Natasha’s lawyer was a big butt head. He made out with a hot lady instead of talking to a judge about Natasha. I guess the message in this book is: You can try very hard but still never achieve anything.

I thought that The Sun Is Also A Star was amazing. I especially liked the parts where you would talk about something else for a page or two. The plot was really addicting. I really could not stop reading. The characters were pretty good also. I loved it when Natasha saved Irene’s life without knowing it. Just by calling to say thank you.  That was really sweet. I think that this book shows that everyone can make a difference. Big or Small. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons