thLucy Wu is going to have the best year of her life. Her older sister Regina is leaving for college which means that Lucy gets a room to herself. That is until her Chinese great-aunt comes to visit. Yi Po is staying in Lucy’s room with her. Yi Po is also staying until Christmas which means she is staying a few months. And her friend Talent Chang’s mom has started a Chinese school on the same time as basketball. Which means no basketball, just Chinese school.  And there is a school versus faculty basketball game where you have to being a can of food in to watch. And to be captain of the students basketball team you have to beat everyone else in a free throw contest. Lucy wants to be team captain but the most popular girl in the 6th grade is trying out and to make things worse she is bullying Lucy to try and stop her from playing. What will Lucy Wu do?

The Great Wall of Lucy Wu is amazing. It is a perfect blend of go away and no I want you here. You can see Lucy change through out the whole book. I think that is pretty cool. The way Lucy is bullied is also interesting. The bully acts like a 16 year old when she is only 12. But Lucy Wu handles the bullying actions especially well. Lucy Wu was a great character. The plot was great. But I have one problem. The author did not go into great detail about who the Amazonas and Kendra were. That is my only problem. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons