th (2)All Ken wants is his father’s admiration and a colt of his own. But Ken is not likely to get a colt, as of he has to repeat the 5th grade. And he accidentally stampedes the horse herd. The whole herd almost dies. So Ken’s father hates him and since Ken’s father owns all the horses Ken will not be getting a colt this year. Ken feels like garbage. But then Ken’s father has a change of heart and gets Ken a wild colt called Flicka. Flicka is the daughter of a wild and crazed mustang called Rocket. Rocket is very pretty and fast but not quite right in the head. Ken has to work hard on training Flicka and erasing all of her bad manners. But then the worst happens. Flicka might die. But maybe, just maybe, if Ken works at it hard enough, Flicka will survive.

I was always waiting for something to happen to Flicka and it only happened in the last 50 pages of the book. There were a few conversations after Ken and Howard, Ken’s brother, went to sleep between Ken’s parents. They were like a welcome breather between the chapters. The author did not go into enough detail about Flicka’s feelings. And the other horses’ feelings. That was pretty much the only big problem I had with the book. There were of course all the little problems like forgetting a word but I do not need to go into detail about that. My Friend Flicka was an amazing book. It is defintly my new facorite classic. Six Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons