download (2)Thank You to Kristi Meyer of YA and Wine for reccomending this book to me.

Living in the Celt tribe, Fallon, the chief’s daughter, learns to be a warrior, with her childhood sweetheart. Life is good. Even though Fallon’s older sister died ages ago and Fallon still misses her. But on the night of Fallon’s 17th birthday, Fallon’s father, the king, gives her away as a wife to another king instead of making her a warrior. And the man she is engaged to is not her true lover!!!! And then she is kidnapped and sent to a training school for female gladiators. And the school is run by the very man she hates. Julius Cesar. But if Fallon earns enough money she can buy her freedom. But then Fallon falls in love with one of the guards called Cai. Of course, that romance is forbidden. Most things that Fallon wants are forbidden. But maybe, just maybe, Fallon can be happy with her new life.

Okay, first of all this book is amazing. I have not read many forbidden romances in a while. So yay for that!!! All the characters were great. I was not expecting all the twists in this book. But I loved them. I connected with most of the characters in the book, so good job Annalee. The setting and plot were also very detailed and interesting. I loved the whole book from beginning to end. I think that this book should be made a movie. It is just the right kind of book. The Valiant is now one of my favorite books. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons