th (3)Happy 4th of July!!!! Have a Great Summer!!!

I am sure that all Cinder fans know about Levana. She is the one who accused Cinder, tried to marry Prince Kai, and helped invent the lumototis disease. So not really a nice person. Fairest is the story of what Queen Levana was like as a child. And her unattainable romance. That is right Queen Levana had an unattainable romance. Maybe that is what turned her bad. But that is the main question. What in Queen Levana’s past was so bad that she turned that evil? I mean whoa. You will find that out in the book. Fairest is a mystery/yafantasy. Why both? Read to find out. And Spoiler: *Queen Levana kills people.* Well if you want to find out Queen Levana’s origin story, this is the book for you.

Well, this book is interesting. I thought that you needed to give more detail on some things and less detail on others. I will not tell you what those are because I already gave out one spoiler in this book review and I am not giving out another one. I liked how the author had the genius idea to write a book from the villain’s perspective. The cover reminds me of the Evil Queen in Snow White. I loved the unattainable romance so much. Here is what I think of it:😳. I loved this book. Five Stars. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

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