• th (8)Victoria is perfect. Everyone thinks that. She gets the best grades in her class, has the cleanest room, and has the proudest parents in all of Belleville. Until she gets a B. For a straight A student this is horrible. That is all Victoria can think about until her best (and only) friend goes missing. Without Lawerence, Victoria has nobody to yell at for not doing their homework, not tucking in their shirt, and in general, no one’s life to run but her own. So, of course, Victoria starts an investigation. Victoria’s investigation leads her to believe that the grown-ups know what is going on. And that they lie about not knowing. Victoria has reason to believe that the Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls is to blame. After all, some adults have told her things like: Be Careful, and Children Who Go Into The Cavendish Home For Boys And Girls Come Out Better, Or They Don’t Come Out At All. Victoria learns things about the Cavendish Home that she is not supposed to know. Maybe she will be next to disappear.
What I Liked
  • Victoria: Victoria is a great main character. I could really connect with her on the best grades thing an d the strive for perfection. I thought that she was a little bit lonely. Victoria deserved more friends and then she got them.
  • Lawrence: Lawrence was the main supporting character. I could connect with him on our love of music and the fact that we did not like our shirts to be tucked in. Lawrence did seem a bit like: I just give up, let us die here. Which I thought was pretty sad but otherwise Lawrence was okay.
  • The House: Lots of adults who had tried to stop Mrs. Cavendish were caught and imprisoned in the house. So when Victoria tries to save everybody the house helps out. Some things are not as they seem.
What I Disliked
  • Mr Alice: Mr. Alice was just wrong. The description of him was just wrong. I mean if you are bloated and sweaty go to the doctor. But no, instead he beats innocent children up with rakes. What sort of person does that/
  • The GophersThe Gophers are these creepy little mole things. I know, they helped in the end. But I still hate them. They are still really wrong. I mean, the book would have been fine without them. What is their use besides being creepy?
  • The Ending: You must be screaming: The Ending? Really Annalee? I’m sorry but the Epilogue really sucked. They died and then the came back to life. The book does not tell you how they came back to life. They just did. I am sorry, but I need an answer.

Well, The Cavendish Home For Boys and Girls is okay. I could change some things but all books have their mistakes. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons