Sarah has to babysit 5 teenagers for two weeks. Sarah does not have any human friends 

so her assignment is to make at least one friend. Sarah and her dad have everything planned out. Observing animals, watching Sandances, and bush parties. They planned every second of every day. But, poachers enter the area and Sarah’s dad tries to stop them. He goes missing and Sarah and the other teenagers have to find him. On their quest to find Mr. Carmichael they come across a strange disease and a silver lion. Everyone works hard to stay alive. But, what happens when someone you care for becomes infected?

What I Liked

  • Androcles: Androcles was the big silver lion. I always root for the cats in books. I mean, even though Androcles was infected he still tried to save the kids. I would not have been that brave.
  • Sophie: Sophie was sweet and caring. She could have left all the others to die, but she didn’t. I’m happy that there was at least one helpful character in the book.
  • Avani: Avani helped out a lot when she was not crying or screaming. I could really connect with her. Avani knew the name of like every species in the Kalahari and she understood more about the disease than anyone else.

What I Disliked

  • Miranda and Kase: Miranda and Kase were just buttheads. They threatened Sarah multiple times to sue her father and herself. Sarah was saving them, so shouldn’t they have been grateful?K
  • Abramo: Abramo came to Kalahari to clean up a “mess.” When Abramo found the kids he said he felt for them, but that he had to kill them anyway. I mean, who does that?

Kalahari was an interesting book. It was an easy read. Kalahari was okay. Four stars. Thanks for reading!!! Have a great day!!! – annaleeliz and Buttons