On Skin Island children are raised in test tubes. These children are made to imprint on something and do their bidding. But in a different city, Sophie feels betrayed. When Sophie was younger her mother worImage result for vitro by jessica khouryked on Skin Island, but she came home. Now Sophie’s mom works at Skin Island around the clock. Because Sophie’s mom doesn’t come home anymore, Sophie and her dad moved to the States.  That was years ago. Now, Sophie has received a mysterious email from her mom telling her to come to Skin Island to visit. When Sophie reaches Skin Island she will uncover secrets that she would never have dreamed of. 

What I Liked
  • Lex: Lex was so sweet and innocent. Everyone thought that Vitros did not have feelings. Lex proved that she could say no. And that all Vitros were not bad.
  • Skin Island: Skin Island was a beautiful place. I want to live there forever. And when I die I think I want to haunt it. I know, I believe in ghosts. Skin Island is amazing.
  • Jim: Jim is so kind to Lux even though Lux imprints on him and will do whatever he wants. I would be a tyrant. All those poor Vitros would be like slavs. So I am glad I am not in this book.
What I Disliked
  • Sophie: Sophie had too many emotional conflicts.  Like “I love Mom” and five pages later hated her mom. Sophie’s feelings were changing way too fast.
  • Strauss: You would think that Strauss is a boy, but she prefers to be called by her last name. Strauss is a demon. She kills people and she had the workers install a gas chamber below the basement. Who does that?
  • Nicholas: You might think that Strauss is the villain. But she is not. It is Nicholas. He says that he is trying to free the Vitros but he is actually trying to kill them.

So Vitro is a pretty good book and it has an air of mystery around it. But, I didn’t like the main character. Three Stars. Thanks for Reading!! Have a great day!!! – annaleeliz and Buttons