th (10)After Lena’s Sixteenth Moon, her Claiming Moon, Lena feels guilty about Macon’s death. Ethan still does not know that he died and instead thinks that he fell off of a crypt and got knocked out. Now, Lena runs away from everything, even Ethan. Since Ethan does not remember anything he thinks that Lena is running away from him. During this period of time Amma also made Ethan get a job, at the library (one of my dream jobs). At the library, Ethan meets the librarian’s summer intern, called Liv. Ethan’s job is to introduce Liv to the people of Gatlin and to Gatlin itself. So, Lena runs away and Ethan, Liv, Link, and later on, Ridley go on a mission to stop Lena and to convince her that she is not going to go Dark. Or that she at least still has a choice in the matter. But, with everything that Lena’s mom throws at them will they be able to make it to Lena?

What I Liked
  • Liv: Liv is my new favorite character. Liv reminds me of an eighteen year old me. I love Liv. She is just so awesome!!!!!!!!
  • Ethan: Once again, Ethan. The way he looks out for everyone in his group makes me so happy. I also loved how easily he took the fact that he was a wayward. I would have been running around the room screaming.
  • All the Caster Creatures: There were so many different Caster creatures in this book. I loved them all. But I think my favorite was the Caster mountain lion called Bade.
What I Disliked
  • How Little They Talked About Lena: Everyone was trying to stop Lena from making this journey but they didn’t talk about Lena very much. The authors should have added more Lena scenes. The book would have been way better because of it.
  • Larkin: Larkin could have been way better.  But the author’s did not make him as scary as I would have liked. Instead of being scary, Larkin was just stupid.

Well, besides the things that I didn’t like Beautiful Darkness was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons