th (11)After Lena’s (actual) Claiming Moon, the world is ending. It was Lena’s fault. She chose to be both Light and Dark, so the Order of Things is now broken. Plagues of locusts, scorching heat, and wacky weather all attack Gatlin. Everyone is in panic mode. Ethan is forgetting things that he needs to know. Names, places, phone numbers, and more of his past. Apparently, this freak show can be stopped. Everyone is now trying to figure out that way. Amma is talking to a bokor. Ethan is trying to find out who the One Who is Two is. Lena is using her powers to stop the weather. John Breed is helping out Lena. Link is helping out Lena and John Breed. Macon is trying to figure out what Abhram did to John Breed. Liv is helping out Macon. But none of it is working. When a deal from the Demon Queen comes no one knows what to do.

What I Liked
  • John Breed: I know, I know, John Breed was one of the bad guys in the last book. But he helped out so much in this book. He explained what he could do and his childhood to Macon. And he got a girlfriend.
  • Ethan: Ethan was once again very caring, kind, and just nice in general. Most of the time. I was so impressed. And the fact that he did not kill John Breed as soon as he saw him made me so happy.
  • The Twist: The twist was so good. I thought something and then, suddenly, it changed direction. The twist kept me hooked and since the book ended on a twist I am super excited to read the next book.
What I Disliked
  • The End of the World: The end of the world could have been way better. I was expecting way more out of it. Maybe some slugs, a couple snowstorms, and a few flash floods mixed in.
  • Sarafine’s Past: I was expecting more out of that as well. You could have made it sadder, angrier, happier, just more emotional. When you read it, it sounded like meh.
  • The Aunt Prue Visions: The Aunt Prue visions did not need to be in the book. The made me cry so that I had no tears for the ending. Aunt Prue was an important character in book two but all she did in this book was lie in a hospital bed, send out visions, and die. Aunt Prue should have done more.

So, this book is good. I enjoyed parts of it. But some scenes did not need to be there and they made me mad. All the characters were good (except for Aunt Prue). The setting was not terrible. The twist was pretty great. But all in all, the scenes that did not need to be there got under my skin. Three Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons