51p8OI6VzQLMaura’s father is going on a hunting trip. a 30 day long hunting trip. Well on this hunting trip his 2 daughters have to stay home alone. Maura has an 8 year-old sister named Natalie that she has to take care of, as well as herself. Her father leaves their neighbor to watch over them. Alex’s parents have dropped him off at his grandfather’s house for the summer. His grandpa has to watch over some kids for a month while their father goes hunting. Maura is Alex’s age and they start to hang out. Challenges happen and they stick together. But, when Maura’s dad misses the return date and does not come home. Together, Maura and Alex decide to look for Maura’s dad. They encounter many more challenges and meet new people, or friends. But, what they find may change everything.

What I Liked
  • Maura: Maura is very brave and strong. She is the example of girl power. If I were in her way I would leave, fast. She cares for her family, her neighbor, and Alex. Tough but caring. My role model.
  • Alex: Alex is amazing. He goes along with Maura when she wants to find her dad. But, he might have only done that because he loves Maura, a little bit. Love at first sight.
  • The Different Character Perspectives: I loved how the author would put alternate character perspectives based on the chapters. Usually, it was just Alex and Maura, but, sometimes the author would throw someone different in there to shake things up.
What I Disliked
  • Maura”s Father: Maura’s father was an idiot. Who would leave their children alone in a house for a summer. I mean, I get that he has issues, but that is over the top. I was secretly hoping that he would get arrested and that the kids would have to go live with Alex’s grandpa.
  • The Woods: I live in the woods. The woods near my house are nothing like the woods in the book. It sounds like the author was trying to sound real. But, he overdid some parts.

I liked most of the characters. The setting was a big if. And I hated the dad. But, everything else was good. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons