download (5)She is as mysterious as the cacti. As interesting as her pet rat. As magical as the dark side of the moon. She is Stargirl. Stargirl is different. If it is your birthday you can be sure that Stargirl will go to your lunch table to sing you happy birthday, on her ukulele. If you do something nice she will make up a cheer for you right on the spot. Stargirl cheers for all the teams. She is just a nice person in general. At first, everyone is suspicious of Stargirl. Then people, begin to like her, especially Leo Borlock. Stargirl and Leo have a special relationship. Anything that happens to Stargirl, Leo will feel as well. Soon, people start hating Stargirl. They don’t talk to her, or Leo. Leo in his desperation begs Stargirl to be normal. Stargirl is a celebration of nonconformity, that everyone loves.

What I Liked
  • Stargirl: Stargirl reminds me of me. Sort of. I celebrate nonconformity. I can be nice to people. But mostly, I hide and read somewhere. Stargirl is amazing!!!!!! I also love her pet rat, Cinnamon. Cinnamon is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stargirl and Cinnamon are my favorite characters in this book!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hot Seat: Hot Seat is the school TV show that Leo, and his best friend, Kevin, came up with. Everyone loves it. You sit on a chair that has painted flames on it and the “jury” asks the “victem” personal questions. It is very funny,
  • Stargirl’s Clothes: I know what you are all thinking: “Stargirl’s CLOTHES? What does that mean?” Well, Stargirl’s mom makes clothes for movies and she makes Stargirl her clothes. One day Stargirl might come in a pioneer dress. Or a flowing shirt and long skirt. It always changes. I loved this part of Stargirl and I wished I had it for myself.
What I Disliked
  • Leo: Leo made me so mad. When everyone was shunning Stargirl he stuck up for her at first, but then he did it like everyone else. He thought that Stargirl was wierd too. And then she started liking him and he decided who cares. Stargirl deserved someone better.
  • MAHS: You were not allowed to different here. If you were different you were hated instantly. There was no coming back. I would have hated it. Everyone reading this would have probably hated it too. I don’t think that most high schools are like this.

Stargirl was amazing!!!! But then, I also didn’t like the MC. He was a jerk. Otherwise this book was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons