download (6)Eden used to live the perfect life. Ice cream, sunrises by the beach, air conditioning, and friends. Then the Wolfpack came. They took everything. So Eden decides to escape. On a green frilly sailboat, with four other people, to go to a place that may or may not exist called Sanctuary Island. It apparently is some kind of amnesty island. Where if you go there they will be kind and give you food. Clothes. Pure Water. All the things that you never get when you live with the Wolfpack. When they land on Sanctuary Island nothing is as it seems. With her new friends, she explores Sanctuary Island. What they find is frightening to the fullest. Nothing on Sanctuary Island is as it should be. In fact it is as if the island itself is alive, and trying to kill Eden and her friends. Eden learns secrets and also learns that some secrets are better left untouched. 

What I Liked
  • Eden: Eden is just a likeable character to me. I enjoy her optimism and the hope that she has for everything to turn out all right. And the ship with Lonan. It is so sweet!!!!!! I loved it so much.
  • Lonan: Lonan does not seem so nice in the beginning of the book, but then you get to learn more about him and you think, Oh that poor child. Lonan is quite nice, but sad. Very, very sad. 
  • The Island:  The Island was not supposed to be nice or happy. It was not supposed to be filled with birds and butterflies either. I liked it the way that it was just fine. I liked that the wilderness was not always nice.
What I Disliked
  • Eden’s Dad: Eden’s Dad was a jerk. You don’t just leave your daughter in the barracks and tell her that you are dead. Not cool. That shows what a bad parent you are. And then you turn your daughter into a spy. Bad parent.
  • Cass: Cass is just mean. I mean I get that your girlfriend is a Wolf, but she said sorry and you still treat her like crap. Not cool. What is his problem?

I loved this book, except for it’s challenges. I loved Eden, Lonan, and Alexa. I would recommend this to every YA fan. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! I missed you!!! Have a Great Day!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons