download (7)Gregor lives a normal life. During the summer, he has to watch his two year old sister, called Boots, while his other younger sister, called Lizzie, gets to go to camp. Gregor is eleven. It has been this way since Gregor’s dad went missing. Two years, seven months, and thirteen days ago. No instead of being middle class, Gregor’s family is poor. Somehow, Boots discovered a portal to the Underland. And went through it. So Gregor has to go through the portal as well now. When Gregor lands in the Underland, he finds many amazing things. Everything talks. And I do mean everything. Apparently, Gregor is the mysterious warrior in this Prophecy of Gray. Or whatever. And the Underlanders have told him that his father is down here too. But captive of the rats. So Gregor decides to go rescue his father. But the question is: Can Gregor succeed?

What I Liked
  • Gregor: Gregor was just an awesome person. I loved him. He just cared about others so much. Gregor also impressed me with how much he matures in the book. I always hope that a character matures a little bit in a book. 
  • Boots: Boots was adorable!!!! She could not speak proper sentences yet, but she was still really cute. Everyone wanted Boots to love them. She respected everyone and made sure that everyone was treated equally on the trip. I really loved Boots.
  • Vikus: No matter how uncomfortable Gregor was Vikus always explained it to him. It was really nice of him. If I had landed in the Underland I would want Vikus to guide me. He also told the best stories. 
What I Disliked
  • Henry: At first I thought that Henry was a nice guy. That he cared about Gregor, Boots, and Luxa. But he didn’t. He liked the rats more. He was a backstabbing little traitor. I was glad when he died.
  • How Short This Book Was: This was to short. All the information was crammed together. I think that a hundred more pages would have been great.

Gregor the Overlander was pretty good. There were some places where I didn’t like the book. But those are behind me now. I think that everyone should read this book. It is really fun. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons