download (9)Gregor is back to leading a normal life now, mostly. But then it all changes. Apparently, the Prophecy of Blood is upon the Under landers. The Prophecy of Blood is a plague that no one knows the cure for. Gregor has to go down there for a meeting, or else. Gregor goes to the meeting and his mom gets the plague. So Gregor decides to go on an another quest. This time to find the plague cure. Gregor meets many new friends and makes some new enemies. The quest leads through a jungle to the Vineyard of Eyes. The Vineyard of Eyes, that sounds really creepy to me. Like, really creepy. In this Vineyard of Eyes there is this plant called Starshade. Gregor and his friends think that this is the only cure for plague. So Gregor and his friends set out to find this plant. But will they all make it out alive?

What I Liked
  • Nike: Nike is a princess but she isn’t stuck up about it. Like some people are. She cared for everyone on the trip. I was pleased to find another strong princess.
  • Frill: Frill is the first creature of her kind that we hear of in the series. She (I think it is a she) loves Hamnet and Hazard like they are her children. I really love it when an animal of one species adopts one animal of another species.
  • Hamnet: Hamnet is amazing!!!!! First, he lives in the jungle for ten years. Then he has a child in the jungle and manages to raise him, healthy and happy. I am impressed with this guy’s strength.
  • Hazard: Hazard reminds me of one of those children who is raised in both English and Spanish. He knows his own language, and then he knows many creature languages as well.
  • The Jungle: The Jungle has such a mystic effect to it. It sounds a bit scary but I like it that way. I think that I would like to be like Hamnet and live in this jungle.
What I Disliked
  • Solovet: Solovet is a butt head. I hate her. Like I really hate her. I hope that she dies in the next two books. The things that she does in this book are monstrous.
  • The Plague: The Plague sounds like it is a copy of other plagues from other books joined together. It just doesn’t sound very realistic to me. 
  • Gregor’s Mom: Gregor’s mom is not the nicest of people. But you can tell that she cares for Gregor and Boots. To the Underlanders she is just rude. I mean, the author did not need to make Gregor’s mother so mean to the Underlanders.
  • The Vineyard of Eyeballs: Some people may like the idea of reading about eyeballs staring out of plants at them. I hate this. It is to creepy. I would not give this to someone who gets scared easily. 
  • Third Person: This could have been way better in first person. From Gregor’s perspective. Not a lot better but a little bit better. Gregor would be able to add more feelings to the book.

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods is okay. I am not sure about this book. If I was Book Princess I would give this book an Elsa rating. But I think that I need to be me and not copy Book Princess. I do think that I enjoyed this book that much. Three Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons