th (13)Gregor is back in the Underland for a visit to his mom and a party. A party for Hazard. Then Gregor’s mom let’s them sleep over. It is all well and good until Luca decides that they need to go and find the mice. They find all that they need to know and try to get back to Regalia but some problems stop them. They have to go through Hades Hall. Hades Hall is like a death trap. You will probably die when you go through it. During the trip through Hades Hall they find out more about the mice’s fate. The adventurers are shaken by what they find and resolve to save the mice. Everyone decides that the best way to do it is to go get some of the army to help them. But going into Hades Hall leaves no one unscathed…

What I Liked
  • The Stingers: At first you think that the Stingers will try to kill Gregor and his friends. They do try to do that. Then you realize that you misjudge them. I think that the Stingers are some of my favorite characters in this book.
  • Thalia: Thalia is adorable. She acts like my little sister. I love her so much. I was happy that there was finally a funny bat. None of the bats are funny. Only Thalia.
  • The Passageway: The Passageway made me happy. We have stuff like that in my house too. You know the Underground Railroad stuff. It is really fun to find it. 
  • Lizzie: You don’t hear that much about Lizzie in the series but she is super nice to Ripred in the beginning of the book. I would not give a starving Ripred food. 
  • Ripred’s idea: Ripred finally has a good idea. With Gregor’s help. The time is rip to kill the Bane…
What I Disliked
  • The Hidden Prophecy: The Hidden Prophecy was just sad. The questers should have discovered the prophecy earlier. But they did only after two thirds of it had been fulfilled. That made me sad.
  • The Way the Mice Died: Suzanne Collins tried her best on the mice’s death. But she ended somewhat copying the Nazis. They used poison gas on the Jewish, the rats used poison gas on the mice.
  • Thalia’s Death: I get that Thalia had to die. I understand that. But it did not have to happen that way. When the other bats saw that she was hurting they should have gone in and helped her.
  • The Prophecy Dance: So before everyone realized that the song was a prophecy they had this dance to go with the song. The dance is horrible. The moves that the people did were just barbaric.
  • The Way the Questers Treated the Stingers: The questers treated the stingers horribly in the beginning. The just started trying to kill them without seeing if the stingers wanted to kill them. And then halfway through the battle Hazard, who is six, calls for them to stop because the stingers don’t want to hurt them.

There were some parts where I was ashamed for my race.  I was very embarrassed. But then there were other parts where I was glad that I was a human. Sometimes the humans were called killers, because they killed other species. This book was OK. Four Stars. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons