Everyone is growing concerned about Charles Wallace. He is very pale, has black circles under his eyes and can not walk across the apple orchard without getting out of breath. It probably also doesn’t help that all the other boys at school are beating him up. The principal is not doing anything to help Charles Wallace. Now Charles Wallace is acting delusional. So you can see why people are getting concerned. Then Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace get a few mysterious visitor and Meg and a friend have to complete three tasks to save Charles Wallace. Can they do it?

A Wind In The Door is as good (maybe even better) then A Wrinkle In Time. *I am really sorry about the short post yesterday* You hear about some new creatures, which are really cool. And you learn some new things about the main characters. I always liked Madeline L’ Engle’s writing style. It makes me happy. 

The plot!!!!! The plot is something that writers today can only dream of. When you hear about YA you think about a few romances, what you do not think of is girl loves her brother and while trying to save him realizes that she loves someone else as well and he might die too. Not what most authors think of. If I were an author that is not what I would think of.

The suspense!!!!!! The suspense combined with the plot twist was my favorite part of the book. I know that my favorite part should be an actual part but I like the plot twists. They make me happy in my soul. I also liked how all the creatures in the first two books think that the Earthans must be lonely because they are alone in the world and do not make contact with the other planets. I trust that the third book will have as good a plot twist as the A Wind In The Door had. 

The character development was amazing. At first, some of the characters doubt themselves a lot. But then they grow more confident in themselves as the book grows on. And it was not that boring. I was very proud of myself for finding one of the best books in the YA book world. My love for this series is too great. Can one’s love for a series or a book be too great?

Now for the wrap up. I lived this book and I am super excited to read the next book. There were like now flaws with this book. As an announcement that some of you have already heard I have made a survey on Google Forms and I will post the link to it here. How is my Blog Doing? I really hope that you will consider filling it out!!!!! Thanks for Reading!!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!!! -annaleeliz and Buttons

Book Rating:

th (14)