download (11)The end of the series is here. In a time traveling adventure, Charles Wallace rides a unicorn to save the world. From nuclear war.  Charles Wallace has to go through time and the space. In the past to make sure that there is a bright future for mankind. Charles Wallace goes Within many different people, using the legends and books as his guides. Even though Meg is pregnant and cannot go with Charles Wallace, she kyths with him all the way. As you read this stunning end to the Time trilogy. You think,WOW, these books are truly amazing.

Design OThis book is amazing!!!!!! The love for it is killing me. If any of you have read the Time trilogy you know what I mean. When you read these books you feel a love that you do not feel for most books. I would recommend this to anyone who likes books. That is right. I did say anyone. Because this book is for anyone. And I mean it. 

The plot is amazing. I especially like the time traveling unicorn. Because, you know, who wouldn’t like a time traveling unicorn? I liked how this book was set in the future and lots of different times and stuff. Meg was having a baby!!!!!!!! Charles Wallace was fifteen!!!!!!!! Calm down Annalee. Use less exclamation points. Maybe only three. I just want to tell you how amazing this book is. 

So now, as a series, these books are beautiful. It is set in, maybe, the early 2000s, I don’t really know. They don’t mention the time, do they? Also, the cover that you see up there is the book that I have. All three books rolled into one. I loved that. It made me happy in my soul. Actually, there were a lot of things that I loved about this book. If I listed them all it would take a thousand more words and if I did some of them I would feel guilty for not putting them all. So I am just putting none.

Just in case you were wondering, the Time trilogy is now my favorite series. That is how much I loved this series. And I have read a lot of great series in my lifetime. If you have not already read the Time trilogy, you must. It is one of those must reads of being a book blogger. Like Harry Potter. Another must read series. My love for any of these series is amazing. 

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