th (19)When the man Jack tries to kill Bod and his family Bod escapes and gets taken in by a family of ghosts. These ghosts try to teach Bod everything that they know. Bod goes on many adventures and has lots of fun. We read about Bid growing up and changing from a baby to a child, and a child to a man. Bod becomes stronger and tougher. Braver and more cunning. Sometimes people meet Bod, with mixed results. People try to kill Bod but he survives. He feels strong but will he be able to survive the hardest challenge of all?

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Neil Gaiman is my favorite author!!!!!!! He is so awesome!!!!! I know that most of you will agree. Is he not amazing? I am going to be reading more about him in the future!!! I first listened to this as an audio book before I started my blog and now I decided to read the book and I loved it as much as I remembered!!!!! I am just in that mood where I am singing every books praises aren’t I?  I loved this book to the bottom of my too loving heart and soul. I cannot wait to get on with this rating!!!!

The plot was amazing!!!!!! It was a beautiful suspenseful read. I was biting my nails through half of the book. During the audio book they would play these beautiful violin solos in between the chapters. I, knowing how to play the violin, wish I was that good. Another thing that I liked about the audio book was that Neil Gaiman narrated it as well as wrote it. That made me happy. I always like it when the authors narrate the books that they wrote. I hope that all the books that I read will be as good as this one is. 

The characters became my little babies in this book. I lived them with all my heart!!!! I cried when one of them died. They make me feel all the feels!!!! The plot brought me most of the way but the characters brought me the rest of the way. To the end of the book. This book became my friend and will not even hesitate to read thus book again and again. I loved this book to the bottom of my soul for obvious reasons!!! 

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I am sorry for the short review today but I am not feeling so great so I will keep it short and sweet. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link to it on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons