downloadMare Barrow is a Red. A Red is different from a Silver. The Silvers are the powerful ones. The Reds are weak. The Silvers are the ones with the talents. Or powers. You can choose. Mare will try to survive in the Red world. She steals from the richer Reds to take care of her family. She wants to get a job to save herself from going to the war. And dying. Then a Silver gives her a job serving in the royal palace. During the Queenstrial, she falls onto the lightning shield. When Mare does not die, the king and queen proclaim that she is a lost Silver child. All the while, knowing that her blood is red. They tell her that if she messes this up they will kill her.

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First of all, I hated Mare. So, first she hates Silvers. Then, she loves Silvers. Really, that was just sad. I think that most people agreed with me. Everyone says that they hate Mare. I support you. All the characters besides them were okay. Except, for Maven. He was like, I love the Reds!!! Then at the end of the book, it was not the same person. That give me some issues. It killed me. I trusted Maven. That was not realistic. The 2 main characters were not realistic. The book had some issues. I hated that part. Hated that part. The book made me sad. 

The plot was maybe the only good part in this book. I did say only. But, even the plot could have been better. That was the most annoying part. Everything could have been better. Way better. It was so annoying!!!!! I was going mad reading the book. I read the book so slow because I did not want to read it. But I did want to read it. The summary had me hooked but that did not mean that the book was good. I felt like crying halfway through the book but since I had nothing else to read I had to read this one. I really hope that the next book is better then this one. I will read the next book, in the hopes that it will be better.

The setting was okay. I liked it but it could have been better. Like, way better. Everything could have been way better. I have heard good and bad about this book, I was hoping that I would like it but I did not. Sorry. I feel better about myself by getting this off of my back. I would not have felt proud of myself if I said that I loved the book. Or even that it was okay. I understand that some people loved this book. I get it. Everyone likes different things. all the Silvers were horrible. The Reds were needy. And, the way the Silvers beat the Reds was evil and brutal.

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This is just not a good book. I did not like it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the like on my about page. I cannot wait to post again. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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