th (20)The King has declared war. Not on another country, or anything of use. The King has declared war on three children, and their magical dog. Gwenforte, is the magical saint dog. She came back from the dead. Jeanne, is the peasant girl. Jeanne has fits that tell the future. William, is the African oblate who has lived at the monstary since he was a baby. William has super strength. Jacob, is the Jewish boy. Jews are being abused right now. Jacob, can heal people with a few plants and a prayer. People are calling these children saints. They are doing miracles. They have joined together to stop a Jewish book burning. There is one question though: Will they survive?

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If you have not picked up The Inquisitor’s Tale you must pick it up now. I command you to. That is right, Annalee @ Buttons Book Reviews is commanding you to read this book. That is how good it is. I trust in you guys to read this book. But really, this book is amazing, with only a few flaws. I loved this book. Loved it. Any book is good compared to the Red Queen. Well, mostly any book. My poor sweet Maven betrayed me!!!!!! But, either way, I still hated the book. I am not here to talk about that pile of crap. I am here to talk about a funny tale of angles, saints, dogs, and knights. That is right, that is what half of the book is about. Now, let me tell you how wonderful this book is.

The characters are amazing. The little saint group is very diverse. As I said in my summary. I did say it in my summary if you want to reread it. I did have some issues with how William was treated. He was a big African and everybody called him a demon or a brigade (I think that is how the fancy word for bandit was spelled). Not everyone would have treated him like that. But I could understand why he was being treated like the way he was. King Louis was just a hot mess. He said that he hated peasants and Jews, but he had no problems hugging Jeanne and twirling her in the air, and he had no problems talking to Jacob and sitting next to him on the carriage ride. I was very annoyed at that.

Now for the plot. The plot was very good. Just like the characters were. I loved the way everyone was gathered in a bar and they all had some connection to the saint children, so they swapped stories about them. And the Inquisitor listened. I was very impressed with that sort of writing style. The plot was written very well. It got very suspenseful at times. I was chewing my nails asking myself if it was going to turn out ok. It did but I loved the suspense. For a good book, I require a very good plot, very good characters, a very good world, and a very good writing style. All of which I got in this book. I loved the book to the bottom of my soul.

The setting was probably my favorite part of the book. It is the most descriptive setting I have read in ages. I felt like I had lived there all my life when that book was finished. I felt deep connections to every person I passed while reading this book. All the bookish characters of course. The setting was by far the best setting that I have read in my life. And I have read a lot of books in my life. When I say a lot I mean a lot. I normally read one book a day. Which means 365 books a year. Which is very impressive if you ask me. Most people do. The only reason I am off schedule is because of Red Queen and school is back. Well, I did love this book and the only flaws it had were character flaws.

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I loved The Inquisitor’s Tale a lot but it did have some flaws in it. They were not major flaws but I still cannot give this book 5 stars. Please fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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