th (21)Piper is a scrapper at Scrap Town Sixteen. A scrapper picks up things that fall from the meteor storms and then sell them. The meteor storms are deadly. There is poison in the gas that goes up when the meteor hits the ground. Piper and her friend Micah go out into the meteor storm and a giant meteor hits the caravan. Micah is hit by the debris and might die. When Piper goes to the caravan to find medical supplies she also finds a girl who survived in the caravan. What she finds out tells her that the girl is amazing, stunning, and maybe not human.

Design OThis book was okay. That is a four word summary. The characters were okay, the plot was okay, the setting was okay. It seemed like the author got to the point to where it could be classified as mediocre and then stopped. It made me really sad. The book could have been a really good action novel but it didn’t make the cut. I felt sort sad while reading this book because it could have been way better. And I mean way better. There were some parts of this book where I could see what the autthor was trying to get at but she did not make it. There were some action scenes that could have been way better, same with the love scenes. I think that from this paragraph you might already know what I am going to give this book.

The characters. The characters were okay. The two people that were supposed to be together by the end of the book (I think that is what she wanted?) I did not really get. There were no serious love scenes in this book. I think that the author tried to put some in. But she failed. All the characters were okay. They were very bland. Everything was bland. I was thinking of DNFing this book because it was so boring. This was one of the most boring books that I have ever read in my life. I think that I am going to stop here because I will only say the same thing over and over again. Everything was boring.

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Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. The book was very boring. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Butttons