Joan is a country girl who lives in Pennsylvania. Her father runs a farm and doesn’t let her go to school. Well, he used to let her go to school but now he doesn’t. So now Joan has to do farm work and run the house. Well, Joan doesn’t like this, so she runs away from home to become a hired girl. She becomes a hired girl for a Jewish family and learns about Jewish culture while trying to become a Catholic. She gets very vain and loves her clothes. Well, poor little Joan might lose it all…

I was not sure about this book when I picked it up. It sounded like someone’s sob story. I was right!!!!!! This blog post is not going to be that long because I cram everything that I felt about this book into one paragraph. I didn’t like the main character that much. She was a big whiner. She just whined and whined and whined some more. I thought that this would be a good historical fiction novel. I was wrong. Do not ever read this book. It was horrible. I am serious. Everything was stupid. Trust me.

NEVER READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! I mean it. Please fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Do you think that I should start doing a weekly meme? Please answer in the comments!!!!! Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

zmy star rating is Zero stars. This book was garbage.