Title: Alphas

Author: Lisi Harrison

Publisher: Poppy

Summary in one Sentence: Girls go to the Alpha Academy to learn how to be the best of the best but only one Alpha can rise to the top.Design O

What I Thought:

Alphas is amazing!!!! It tells what it means to the best of the best. The sacrifices that you have to take and the friends that you make along the way. I felt very strongly about the way that all the girls were really beautiful. Some girls are not that beautiful. Deal With It. You don’t need to talk like everyone is beautiful.

The characters were pretty good. I enjoyed most of them. Since all the girls were beautiful there had to be hot guys too, right? Well the answer is yes. There were five hot boys. Five hot girls. Five hot boys. Are you getting anything here? I know I am. Shockingly, there is no kissing in this book. There is talk about kissing but no kissing. I feel shocked. I am shocked. This does not usually happen. But I do think that no kissing helped move the book. Wait, there was one kissing scene. Want to know what it is? Read the book to find out.

The plot was interesting. The school was good for the best of the best girls could have been very empowering. But instead, they make all the main characters beautiful and make them run off to see hot boys. And the only classes we heard about were writing class and dance class. That sort of rubbed my fur the wrong way. I wanted a list of classes that I heard about in descriptive detail. And then when some of the girls started getting sent home I felt really sad. The plot was interesting but not that good.

Design O

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Book Rating:

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