th (23)Thirrin Strong-In-The-Arm Lidenshield, Wildcat of the North is the new queen of Icemark. Icemark being the kingdom in the north where anything can happen. The Wildcat of the North is trying to survive and run a kingdom at only thirteen. The Wildcat of the North is trying to defend her kingdom from the Empire, who would like to make a province out of Icemark, enslave it’s people, and then strip mine the land. Wildcat’s father has left Wildcat a challenge. The challenge is to befriend and make allies with anyone who can win the war. So Wildcat goes on an epic quest to befriend the: Werewolves, Vampirers, and Snow Leopards(also known as Icesheets). We wish Thirrin Strong-In-The-Arm Lidenshield, Wildcat of the North best of luck in her war.Design O

I did have some issues with this book. But it was okay in general. Some parts were very good but most of it was okay. I found the idea of a bad ass girl punching werewolves in the nose very good. I loved that part. The Wildcat of the North is very sassy. Like the Queen of Sass. But I liked that part. This book showcases bravery. And giant talking leopards.

I loved the giant talking leopards. I did loves the other characters too, but I loved the giant talking leopards the most. All the creatures were done beautifully but I was wondering more about the back stories. I think that there should have been a book or two before this one to get all that in there. All the women in this book were really empowering. All the characters in this book were really empowering. Except for the villains. The were horrible. I hated them. Which is why they were good. The author did really well on this part of the book. I did think that this part was done very well. Except for the flaws. But there wern’t a lot of those.

The plot was okay. I did think that you do not need a hundred or so pages in a book for a battle. And a lot of that was the same thing repeated over and over again. It really killed my soul. But I did like the three hundred pages devoted to finding the allies. It was very interesting. But most of this book was character driven. About 80% of this book was character driven and 20% was the plot. And that 20%? That was the battle scene that was dragged out to long. But don’t get me wrong. I really liked the book. I just didn’t like some parts of it. I think that the author needed to have tried harder. Which isn’t that bad. I really do recommend this book. If you can look past the flaws.

Design O

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