download (19)Title: Wonder

Author: R. J. Palacio

Publisher: Randomhouse Publishing

Date Published: February 14, 2012

Auggie is different. He had a medical issue that left him with a deformed face. Auggie has been homeschooled all his life but now he is making the big leap into middle school. Auggie has been assigned some welcome buddies to help him around school. One of them will be nice, one will be a bully, and one will leave him alone him for the rest of the year. This book will make you remember what it was like to be in middle school. The bullies, and the friends. The ones who ignored you and the ones who didn’t. I loved this book and I hope you do to.

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This book was so sad!!!!! It was so beautiful!!!! I cried through most of it!!! Auggie considers staying at home in the beginning and I wanted him to. It was so sad!!! I am sorry the book was just really sad. I am probably never going to read that book again. I don’t mean that it is a bad book. I just mean that it takes a lot to read that book. And I am not up for that twice.

The characters were really good. I enjoyed them a lot. I really liked the multiple points of view. I thought that was really cool. I felt like I was connected to the school and the kids in it. However, I didn’t like Justin’s chapter because I did not have proper punctuation. That really made me mad. I hit the book all through the chapter. But, I thought that the description of the kids was very accurate and it sounded a lot like the bullying that goes on in most public schools. I wish that bullying didn’t happen but it does and we have to do all we can to stop it. But, adults don’t do a good job. If they did there would be no more bullies. Right people?

The plot was also really good. I loved the idea. My friend got a book called Ugly. When she realized I was reading Wonder she offered to do a book swap when we were finished reading our books.  The plot made me feel sad on the inside. I mean it was supposed to do that so no harm done. I felt really sad while reading this book. I can promise that this will happen to you if you read this book. The writing style was beautiful(besides the Justin chapter) and I really enjoyed reading it a lot. The ending made me feel really happy. I did not kow whether to laugh or cry happy. All in all, I loved this book. It ment a lot to me, even though I will probably never read it again.

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Book Rating:

th (14)