downloadLisa Becker is a thirteen year old Jewish child from Nazi Germany. She has gotten on a train to escape from it. Naiomi and Dan are people that care about the Jews in Germany. They want to adopt a child to help it get a better life. Naiomi, Dan, and Lisa are joined together whether they like it or not. Lisa is getting used to life in England when a bomb hits near her and she gets knocked unconscious. When Lisa wakes up she cannot remember anything. What will happen to Lisa, Naiomi, and Dan without each other? 

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This book was OK. I didn’t make any deep and heartfelt connections with the characters but I did have some opinions about other things. I will talk about them later. I might read this book again to better understand it. If anyone has ever read this book please tell me what you thought about it. 

The characters were odd. I understood what they were going that but I didn’t feel that deep for any of them. It was confusing. There were so many characters and some of them were too much like each other so I often got some characters mixed up. Or I just forgot about them. I know that sounds cold but I did try. Some characters in this book brought some inappropriate elements into this book. To me it bumped the book from YA to NA. I felt horrified when I read some parts of this book because it was not appropriate for kids. I rate YA books because I am not an adult. I am not going to tell you my age but I am not an adult and I should not be reading NA books. 

The plot was shocking. I thought that I would be reading an empowering war story about a girl who survived. I didn’t expect what I got. There were multiple POV and it was terrible. I didn’t know what was going on half the time. I am going to stop now because if I keep posting I will just post anger and rant. 

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I didn’t like this book. If you have read it please tell me what you thought of it. Please fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Tomorrow I will be doing Fun Friday. Tune in if you want to hear about my VK. Remember to follow so that you never miss a post. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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