download (2)OASIS is the best game in the world. It lets you forget your problems and go to a virtual reality. And the best thing is: it’s free. When the creator of the game died he put a game in his will. The game is this: Halliday has hidden an Easter egg somewhere in the game. Whoever finds the egg first wins, and gets super rich. Parzival has found a clue to the Easter egg. And everything starts getting out of hand. If you read Ready Player One you will have immersed yourself in a tale of acceptance, love, laughter, and a challenge.

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I loved this book so much. It was amazing. I thought that this book was a big plot twist. I can’t wait for the movie. If you have not read this book you should. I as a book blogger am using one of my many powers to recommend this book to whoever has not read it. I think I did that right. Either way you should read this book. It is awesome. I command you to read it. 

The characters were amazing. I like the idea that you can be best friends with someone even though you have never met them in real life. That was a key point to me. And the way that everyone is not  as they seem and you won’t know anything about unless you meet them in real life. The whole Aech thing really shocked me. But their reasons for doing it were reasonable. I loved the characters so much. They were amazing. Can I marry Parzival now? HE sounds so real. They all do. I would like to write a book someday. I hope it will be as good as this one. Or at least the characters. They are awesome. I believe I have talked about the characters enough. Now for the plot.

The plot was amazing. I think it was a lot like Warcross. But, hey, Ready Player One came first. It was very suspenseful and you didn’t know anything for a period of time. Like a blackout. That was the best plot idea ever for me. My favorite line was the last one in the book. I am not going to say it. My favorite scene was when Parzival and Art3mis meet in real life for the first time. That scene brought tears to my eyes. But meeting Aech was a shocker. I was not expecting what was coming at me.  But if you have not read this book you should. Look above. At the first paragraph. I loved this book. I hope you do as well.

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I have a special announcement. I am starting a book!!!!!!! Isn’t that exciting? Please tell me what you think. I got inspiration while writing this post. It was like getting struck by lightning. I loved this book and I will love this post forever. Thanks for Reading!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)