download (26)June is the prodigy with the perfect score. Day is the genius who failed the trial. Together these two will change the Republic as we know it. But now I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now, Day is a criminal and June is the prodigy with the perfect score. Soon June and Day will meet and what will happen next will blow your mind.Design O

I loved this book!!!! It was amazing!!!! Please read it!!! The characters were amazing!!! The plot was a shocker. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. I will be really happy if you read it. If you bread it I will talk to you for hours on end about it. And even if you don’t I will anyway. So either way you will hear me talk about this book.

The characters were my happy point. They were really thee best things in this book. Now don’t get me wrong. Everything was amazing but I liked the characters the most. I think I am going to write Marie Lu to tell her what a great writer she is. If I don’t write that I sent that email in the next post remind me in the comments. I liked June the most. She had a good past and a good future. But she threw it away for Day. I thought that was really sweet. I have to go to the bookstore to buy the sequel? Can someone give it to me now? I have this obsession with those clothes that the army wears. Especially the black capes. But enough of this. I will just keep rambling. Onto the plot.

The plot was amazing too!!!! It was not as good as the characters. But I don’t think anything can be as good as those characters. I liked hearing about all the settings. They made me want to go there to San Francisco. Except now I will be disappointed when I do go. When I go now I will be excepting this and I will fell very let down. So maybe before I go I will read a book on the city as it is now. That would help. Does Marie Lu only write distopian novels? I hope I spelled that right. Please read this book if you have not. Actually, using my authority as I book blogger I command you to read this book. Please read this book. If you do you will love it. Design O

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Book Rating: th (14)