download (27)Viv is fed up. Fed up with the dress codes, with sexual abuse, and with make me a sandwich. So she decides to the best thing ever. Create a feminist zine telling everyone how mean the football team and the sexist principal are wrong. Viv just uses the zines to rant but she is shocked when people actually start responding. What will happen to Moxie?Design O

First, I am not ashamed to tell you all how great this book is. This book is great. You really will want to go start a riot for women’s rights. Actually, after I finish these posts I might actually do that. Please don’t be ashamed. This book justs really gets your blood boiling. Luckily, the next book I am reading is very calm and laid back.

The characters were very realistic. They acted like the normal average high schooler. Every character trait was accounted for. Even the ones you would rather not hear about. The author is really descriptive and I thought that I could meet these characters and nothing out of the ordinary would happen. I totally shipped Viv and Seth. They were such a cute couple. The friend cliques and the lunch table groups were really accurate. Does the author have a kid or did she just do a lot of research? Well, the characters were such realistic people, even though you didn’t always like them because they were so realistic. I felt like I connected with most of the characters really well.

The plot was also really realistic. It felt like I could walk in there and know where everything was. The girls’ fight was like so many other girls’ fights across the country. Except that this one was not real and everyone is reading it. Sorry people, the book is not real. I know it feels this way but it is not true. I wish this book were real though. That would be amazing. I wish we heard more about what happens to girls more. But since I am not the news person I cannot do that. I wish I could though.  Maybe I will read a blog about feminism. I could totally do that. Well, all in all, this ook was really good and descriptive and if you have not read it you should.

Design OI did send an email to Marie Lu. I hope I get a response. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating:th (14)