download (2)Princess Cimorene is a princess who refuses to be proper. She doesn’t like dancing, etiquette, or just being a princess in general. So she decides to run away. Cimorene gets advice from a talking frog that tells her where to go. So listening to this she finds herself in a cave of dragons and decides that to save herself from death she will become a dragon’s princess. This book tells all that and what happens next.Design O

This book was amazing!!!! WOW!!!! This is for all you dragon lovers out there. Read this book. Please read it. Everyone will love this book. Aren’t I lucky that I have the rest of the series on hand so that I can read the rest of them now? I know that I am happy. I am also happy because I got my first review copy from Edelweiss. I have had a very good day in all. But lets get in with the review.

The characters were really funny. I say that the characters were really descriptive in lots of book reviews but I am going to say it again. The characters were really descriptive. I liked the dragons the most. The other princesses were really stuck up and I was sort of sad to have heard about them. But not Cimerone. She took it in stride and stuck with it. Well, she also wanted to be a dragon’s princess so I don’t think that really counts. But still. The dragons were really interesting and I cannot wait to read the next books. The relationships between the dragons and their princesses were really interesting. Some dragons treated their princesses like servants and some just ignored them. Kazul and Cimorene’s relationship was in between that. I wanted to be a dragons princess so bad just by hearing about the characters. I wonder what I will think when I talk about the plot.

The plot was amazing as well. At first I was curious about why anyone would want to stop being a princess. Then I learned about being a dragon’s princess and I wondered why I had ever thought that being a normal princess was fun. Cimorene got to spend hours in the library. I mean, a dragons’ library must have something interesting. Right? The plot was really good. I was really happy to be reading this book because it is something really cool. I have never done this before when I read a book but I did it while reading this one. Can you guess what it is? I laughed out loud. I never do that. Ever. I hope I do that in the next book as well. Please read this book. I am begging you to read this book. I am using my authority as a book blogger to command you to read this book. Please read it.Design O

I loved this book and please read it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. REMEMBER TO READ!!!!! Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)