download (4)Cimorene is back. But where is Kazul? Cimorene is determined to find out. Lucky for her she has help: Mendanbar. The king of the Enchanted Forest. They decide to work together to save Kazul from what ever happened to her. So with a broken magic carpet, a magic sword, and lots of buckets of soapy lemon water the duo set off to save Kazul. Design O

I loved this book just as much as the last one. Please read it. The new characters were just as good as the old one. I had an issue with this book because there were not as many dragons. But that was it. Please read this book. I want you to. Please read it. I want you to. Everyone deserves to read this book. Well, anyone who loves strong princesses and dragons would love this book.

I loved the characters. They were really funny. I loved the gargoyle. He was the funniest. All the characters were really interesting. The wizards grew even more sneaky. I wished we heard more from the dragons. But we just hung out with Mendanbar and Cimorene. (Such interesting names) I also liked that there was a love element but it was not instant love. I think that instant love is over rated. I love all the characters. They were very descriptive. I know that I am fangirling way to much but I cannot help it. Please read this book. Mendanbar was an awesome new character. He acted like the normal love struck teenager. Except that he was ruling the Enchanted Forest. Their new relationship was very realistic. I hope that you all will like this book if you read it. The characters were my favorite part. 

The plot was okay. I didn’t like the plot as much as I did the plot of the first book. Once again I wish I heard more about the dragons. For all you dragon lovers out there, there are not as many dragons in this book as there were in the first book. I loved the dragons just the same. They were very awesome. I want more!!!!! But, I am lucky. I have the rest of the series at home just waiting for me to pick them up. So I want to go home now. Please let me go home now so I can read the next book. I want to read the next book now!!!! Please let me go home and start reading the next book now. I know that I still have more school to go to.  I feel so sad for myself right now because  I still have more school to go. I want to go home!!!!! So that I can read more!!!! But I guess I can read something else. I loved this book and I hope you read it and love it too.

Design O

I loved this book and I hope you do too. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!!! Have a Great Day!!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)