Yay!!! I was nominated for the Hocus Pocus Book Tag!!! This sounds like such a fun tag and I cannot wait to do it!!!! Thank You for tagging me  Bookchanted because this is an awesome tag and I love doing tags!!! And since I love doing them so much let’s do this tag!!

The Sanderson Sisters – A Great Trilogy

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I had to say A Wrinkle In Time because I love this trilogy so much and it is so good. If you have not read this trilogy then you should. 

Winifred Sanderson – a book with a truly evil female villain

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Cinder has a truly evil female villain called Levana. I hate Levana. But I love this awesome cover. Tell me that it is not awesome!!!!!

Sarah Sanderson – A Book That Uncannily Attracts Children

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I had to steal Bookchanted’s answer for this one!!! I must agree with her. I have never met someone who has not read Matilda and loved it.  I know I did. If you have not read Matilda you should. You will love it. 

Mary Sanderson – A Book That Is Just Plain Silly

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A princess who doesn’t want to be a princess. So because of that she runs off to work for dragons. I mean what is sillier then that? If you can think of a book funnier then that please tell me so that I can read it. 

Max – a book that tries to be cool but doesn’t always succeed

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This book tried really hard to be cool. But it failed epically. And this book could have been so good…

Dani – a book that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is

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What better book for this then Moxie? It talks about the world of feminism like it is in real life. I would use this book to teach people about feminism.

Binx – a series that just won’t die

The Percy Jackson series. I hear that another book just came out in the third set of Percy Jackson Books. I know that we can expect at least 2 more. 

Ice – a book with a character that is as dumb as a rock


Okay, so I hated this book. Never read it. Most of it’s characters were so stupid. Heck, all the main characters in this book were stupid. They made the most illogical choices ever. 

The Black Flame Candle – a series that you wish you could resurrect

The Penderwicks. The series was so good and it made me cry so much. I loved this series and I wish that someone would write a fifth book. That would be amazing!!!

Headless Billy Buterchson – a book that is not as bad as people make it out to be


I have heard a lot of people say that they did not like this book. Wrong. I loved it!!! It was amazing!! I loved it!!

Winifred Sanderson’s Spell book: a book with a mind of it’s own

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After the first chapter I just gave up on guessing what happened next because there was so much to read and learn about in the book.

Gary Marshall – a book with a cameo


Also Warcross. For the same reason that Bookxhanted did it.  

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I loved doing this tag and I hope that you do too!! Thanks for Reading!!!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons