th (2)Laura Jean keeps her love letters in a teal hatbox. There are five love letters in all. But then one day all the love letters get sent. Laura Jean’s life is ruined. She is horrified. Laura Jean is terrified and she hopes that one day it will get better. But maybe it won’t.

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This book was very sweet. I mean it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows but it was a good contemporary. It was a rough, harsh, contemporary like The Hate You Give. It was sweet and a classic contemporary. If you have not read it you should.

The characters were very realistic. I enjoyed the sister dynamic very much. The sister dynamic was very realistic and well done.  I felt like you could have met any of these characters on the street and just walked past them without noticing that they were the characters in the book. That is what I would want in a contemporary. I loved all of the the characters because they were so sweet.  I hope that the next characters in the next book that I read are as good. 

The plot was very good as well. I enjoyed it very much. The plot was realistic, which is the point of contemporary books, and I loved that. There is a competition between this book and The Hate You Give for best contemporary book of 2017. With all these great books coming out who knows what my favorite book in all will be for 2017. Everything in this book will make you feel some pretty strong emotions. So if you don’t like feeling the feels then you should not reads this book. 

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Book Rating: th (14)