download (1)Emma is moving to England!!!!! For a year. The book club has decided to video chat to stay in touch and read Pride and Prejudice. Emma has discovered that there are queen bees in England too and the boys living in Emma’s house are causing trouble in school for everyone. The girls cook up an elaborate scheme to bring Emma home. Will it work?

This book was hilarious. I loved it so much!!!! Can I live in England please? I mean, seriously people, if you have that kind of money can you give it to me so that me and my family can go there? I would love it.

This is the first time that I did not talk about the characters in the paragraph above!!!! Do I get an award? I don’t, ok. Well I thought that all the characters in this book were really funny. While the girls were reading about Mr. Darcy some of them were having Mr. Darcy relationships of their own. We dove deeper into the thoughts of the characters, which I thought was good. My only problem was that we did not get enough from my two favorite characters. Becca Chadwick and Svannah Sinclar. I needed more of them. Otherwise I enjoyed the characters a lot. 

The plot was very detailed. I loved the relationship between Rupert and Emma. Poor Emma. I think that she should have a book blog. She would love it. Love was a huge factor in this book. They talked a lot about Emily and Mr. Darcy during book club and they talked a lot about their crushes. I think that was good because the girls are growing older and in real life they would have had crushes by now. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it. 

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Book Rating: th (14)