download (1)Surprise!!! Mrs. Wong has decided to run for mayor. Emma and Stewart are her campaign mangers. Except that things are not right between Emma and Stewart. A new girl is in town and all of the boys are attracted to her. Plus there are some unexpected things happening and no one knows what to do. Never fear the mother daughter book club is here. They are reading Jane Eyre and they draw inspiration from her. But will it be enough?

This book is so sweet!!!! I loved to so much!!! It talked about all feelings and boyfriend troubles and everything in between.  I can’t wait to go more into detail about it. Which I guess happens now.

The girls were as witty as ever. I wish I could meet them here but I can’t. After all, they live in a book. And now I am thinking of ways that I can sneak into the book and meet them. To bad that can’t happen. I enjoyed the way that they pranked the Sophie. These girls are so creative. I love how unique the girls are. They are all different and they accept each other’s differences. I wish that the people in America did that. For once, I did not side with the misunderstood characters. I sided with Megan. I have a cat and I understand how it would feel if your cat loved someone else more then you. She was so smart and she helped people out. She and the other girls also made a lot of mistakes. I like that they were imperfect. After all, no one is perfect in the real world and authors want to make their characters relatable so they should not be perfect. That is my logic, it might be (probably is) wrong. 

The plot was really interesting. I loved how Heather made love a theme in this book without overdoing it. Some authors are like, the only thing that the characters have to talk about is love. I enjoy reading books where characters talk about their lives (because I probably don’t have one) and not a lot about love, but there is still love in the book. I really enjoyed reading about how Mrs. Wong ran for mayor. That was really empowering because of how some people (women) run for office and lose. I am glad that we finally read in a book about a woman winning an election. That made feel like I can do anything. I think that it makes most (female) readers feel like they can do anything. 

The setting was beautiful and descriptive. It made me want to go to Paris and I hate cities. To much noise, not enough reading. The descriptions made me feel like I was in the place that Heather was talking about. When characters are always on the move or there are multiple POVs, it is good to be able to picture yourself it that place with the characters. I loved this book for all because it is so great.

I am going to end this review here because I have a massive stack of books calling to me and I need to finish them all. Please read this book. I can promise that you will love it. Please remember to fill out my survey!!!! You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)