download (1)In a faraway land, a young warrior must protect an emperor from an uprising and train an inexperienced army, with help from his Ranger friends.

This book was as close to perfect as it could get. I loved it to pieces. I hope that the rest of the books are this good. The characters were as funny as ever. Even when the characters were under pressure they still made an effort to be funny. I enjoyed that. There was lots of character building in this book, which impressed me. The plot was full of twists and turns and there was a fair bit of action. Read on to know more about why I love this book so much.

The characters were as I said earlier, very funny. They were always cracking jokes and laughing at one another. The characters also got cool nicknames like Will was, Choco. Apparently that’s a term of great respect. The side characters in this book were really different. The people talk like they’re from China. They people on the cover remind me of the Terra Cotta Warriors from China. 

The Kikori were amazing as well. They were so brave and loyal to their Emperor even when they didn’t have to be. I was amazed at how poorly they were treated by the upper class though. I mean they are important too. The Kikori were amazing and I think that they should’ve been treated better. 

Shigeru was my favorite character in this book. He was at peace with himself and the world. This made him a great leader. He also believed in the equality of all people, this is important to me because of certain events happening in my country, America. And the fact that he acted like a father to Horace made me happy as well. Horace needs that.

The plot was very intense. There was a fair amount of action although there was also a lot of planning that needed to happen to make those scenes happen. John Flanagan showed us those planning scenes as well. That made me very happy. Sometimes in books they just show you the action scenes and you get sort of annoyed by it. Those books normally get low ratings. Anyway, there was quite a bit of suspense in this book. I loved that. Honestly I think that all of these books have had some kind of suspense element. The writing style was also very good. All in all, the plot was very good.

The setting was also awesome. I loved how descriptive it was. I think that it is meant to be set in China? Not really sure about that. I think that the setting and the philosophy that Horace and Shigeru took about the setting was amazing. I wish that there were more people in the world like them. I loved the fortress. Even though it was not what everyone thought that it was, it was still really cool. I enjoyed how everyone thought about the setting, more than I loved the setting itself.

So as you can probably tell I loved this book a lot and I highly recommend it. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

Book Rating: th (14)