So this is my first discussion post, ever, and it will probably suck but I’ll try to write it well. Here we go.

We’ve all had that problem where we suggest a book to someone non-bookish and they never pick it up. It is infuriating!!!! So I’m here to tell you how to convince people to read your favorite books. 

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Option #1

Sneak it into their bag or other something else that they own with a note telling them to read it and then return it

This will probably work. If not, then I am deeply sorry. The idea is very straight forward. You take the book, leave a note, and stick it in a backpack, briefcase, bag, or something else. Then you hope that the book gets returned. If they are nice people then they will read the book and return it to you. If not, then you can accuse them of stealing. 


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Option #2

Flat out tell them to read the book

This is the one that I use the most. Tell them to read the book and that they will love it. That you will be there to scream and fangirl with them. Tell them that the book is one of your favorites and that you read a lot of books so they trust your opinion. Something like that. Improvise.

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Option #3

Make every discussion about the book

Person: Did you know that I like to tinker and play around with inventions?

Me: You mean like Nova did in Renegades? You two would totally relate. You should read it.

See. It works. 95% of the time. It is really fun to do though. People usually listen to this form of persuasion more then the others. I have use this the most to get people to read the books I want them to.

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Option #4


Say that you will give them something if they read the book. Pizza. The sequel. Makeup. Anything they want. Within reason. Like, they can’t ask for the moon or a puppy. They can figure that out for themselves. If you can’t get it then it’s off limits. And (I should have said this earlier but I didn’t) you should make them sign a contract that says that they should not hurt the book. 

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Option#5 (Final Suggestion)

Shove the book in their hands and run

Can’t you see that I’m running out of ideas here? It sucks. So the name of this suggestion is pretty obvious. It is like putting the book in the bag. But it’s not. Or you could just throw the book at them and run. But this sounds like a safer alternative to throwing books. Besides, who would do that to their babies? Not me. But some people do (I’m looking at you little sis). 

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As I said above, this is my first discussion post. I hope that it didn’t totally suck. Please remember to fill out my survey!!! You can find the link on my about page!!! Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons