download (1)Marley Dias, the powerhouse girl-wonder who started the #1000blackgirlbooks campaign, speaks to kids about her passion for making our world a better place, and how to make their dreams come true!

This book was amazing!!! This girl is thirteen and she is already changing the world. I need to catch up. And meet her. I need to meet her as well. Marley’s book is really funny as well. And the side bars are really interesting as well. Honestly I think that this book is amazing and deserves to win quite a few awards. Want to know what else I think? Then read on.

Marley Dias is such a funny pereson. Her story is super relatable to most of us, except that she actually did something about it. What story you say? This story: I wish that there were more books with (insert character type) characters. And then she surpassed her goal of 1000 books and became a national sensation. She is just an amazing person that I want to meet sometime. 

The things that she talks about are very mature. Marley is wise beyond her years. How many thirteen year-olds do you know are writing books about activism and internet saftey? I’m going to bet, NONE. And while doing it she is also sharing life experiences and talking about her friends (who I would also like to meet because they sound awesome as well). Her friends are activists and are changing the world as well. It is really amazing when you think about it.

I also enjoyed the sections about books. Because Marley talks about books a lot. Which is awesome because I love books and anyone reading this probably loves books as well. Marley should have a book blog. She would rock it. And she talks about how awesome librarians are, they are the unrecognized heros of the bookish world after all and how they are not all little old ladies in buns and glasses. It is sort of cool actually.

And Marley talks about book-tubing. And how to make a successful book-tube video. Even though I don’t have book-tube I know that if I ever did get one then I would have the perfect guide. 

There is also a list of books about strong black women in the back of the books. It is awesome!!! I need to read these books!!! Actually, maybe I already read some of them. I’m not sure. I’ll need to reread that list. You can’t expect me to remember the names of 1000 books off the top of my head can you? 

Well, that concludes my review of this wonderful book. You should all read it. If you do then you will get a new rolemodel in the process. By the way, this book is the first book off of my 2018 Book Bingo. I really need to speed up!!! Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons