download (1)Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement. Touching and powerful, each poem is both accessible and emotionally charged, each line a glimpse into a child’s soul as she searches for her place in the world. Woodson’s eloquent poetry also reflects the joy of finding her voice through writing stories, despite the fact that she struggled with reading as a child. Her love of stories inspired her and stayed with her, creating the first sparks of the gifted writer she was to become. 

This book was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! *goes and cries because of the beauty* We got to know Jacqueline on a personal level and when the book was over I felt like I was losing a friend. There was not really a plot but for this book that was okay. Honestly, just read further and then read the book so that you can get a piece of this beauty.

The characters were AMAZING!!! I loved how every character had a backstory and a story to tell and it talked about real life things that happen to actual families. It was so interesting to see how the Woodsons reacted to each and every trial. I also liked how everyone in that family was different. This book teaches a lot of important life lessons to children and it is so beautiful and pure and I’m in love.

My favorite character was Odella, or Dell for short. She was always reading and the smartest in her class. I liked seeing that and I liked seeing how relatable she was, even though she wasn’t talked about much. The times that she was mentioned I knew that she would have been my favorite. Mainly because of the books she read. She would have made a great book blogger. Except for the fact that her mother would have never let her blog. 

The plot was… virtually nonexistent. Which was good for this book because it was a memoir. There were life events that happened to the family but they weren’t the plot. They were maybe 3 to 5 poems. Oh, that’s another thing to talk about. The poems. They were a writing style that I don’t normally read. But, in my opinion, the poems were beautiful. They conveyed what Jacqueline was feeling at the moment while keeping you informed on what was happening. And did I mention that most of these poems were only a page or two wrong? It was amazing!! Just another reason for you to read this book. 

The setting was always changing with the poem that was being read. Yet, you always knew where you were. I was enthralled. I could envision myself in the setting. Not playing with the characters because I never envision myself in memoirs and biographies. And that is pretty much all I can probably put into coherent speech that will convince you to read this book. Except for this: READ THE BOOK!!! I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

As you can probably see from the above paragraph, I really really loved this book. I highly recommend it to everyone reading this post. And then to your friends and family. Just read the book. By the way, this book fills out my “written in prose or poetry” for my 208 Book Bingo challenge.  Please remember to fill out my survey!! You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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Book Rating: th (14)