download (1)June and Day have sacrificed so much for the people of the Republic–and each other–and now their country is on the brink of a new existence. Just when a peace treaty is imminent, a plague outbreak causes panic in the Colonies, and war threatens the Republic’s border cities.

Disclaimer: This isn’t the cover that I have. I just like it better than the one that I have. Sorry normal cover!! This book was amazing and it shattered my heart into a million pieces. Yet, I loved it. The characters were awesome and the plot was action-packed and intense. If this interests you then read on.

The characters are amazing and complex and so so human!!!! It was amazing and I’m in love with some of them. Except none of them would be into me. And I would probably be dead by the time this story takes place. But that’s not the point. The characters all grow as people and by the end of the story turn into people that you really care about and would give your life for. They are too pure for this world. I also enjoyed the sibling dynamics, mainly Day and Eden’s, because Day has assumed the parental role and Eden (like all 10 & 11-year-olds) has started to rebel against their parents. It was just so engaging and enthralling!!!!

My favorite character was June. She was so strong and empowering and she wasn’t afraid to get what she wanted. But she put her country above herself, which I thought was really brave of her. I think that I would have made all of the same decisions that she did if I was in her situation (even though I wish that she read more books). I think that she would have made a wonderful Elector someday. She might be one of my favorite characters of all time, and she would definitely have won the Hunger Games.

The plot was intense and the ending. Killed. Me. It was so sad and it left me broken inside. I will fight anyone who says that Marie can’t write stories with sad endings because they are wrong. I hope that I will have the guts and the ability to write an ending like that. But let’s not talk about the ending anymore. The action was intense with some breaks between the fighting and the planning. I think that was much needed and I wished that there were more of those. 

The setting was very detailed. I could imagine myself there with the characters adventuring and exploring and fighting. My favorite scene was Antarctica. It reminded me a lot of Warcross. Maybe Marie based Warcross off of this scene. If she did I think that I would die. This book is just so empowering and it will change your life. Just read it. I don’t know what else I can say to you to get you to read it. Just please do. I promise that you will love it and it will change the way you see the world.

As you can probably see from the rest of the review, I loved this book and it changed the way that I see the world. I highly recommend it. The book’s summmary came from the Library of Congress. Please remember to fill out my survey. You can find the link on my about page. Thanks for Reading!!! Have a Great Day!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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